Erectile Dysfunction Etiquette in Full Swap SituationsAnother blog, another story of meeting a couple fairly new to the lifestyle and yet interested in a full swap situation with a husband who has erectile dysfunction. I am a frustrated gal, I tell you. So I’m just going to tell it like it is. Consider the letter below an etiquette guide for men having trouble “getting it up” in a swinger situation.


Dear Swinger Man Who Is Having Trouble Getting It Up,

If it ain’t happening, own up that it ain’t happening. But realize that all is not lost. The key to that realization is that it’s not all about you. While I can be the nice gal and say it happens to everyone now and then, swinger etiquette calls for some manners on your part as well.

What is not cool? Getting angry and frustrated and wanting to leave because you aren’t getting what you hoped for. And totally not needed. So much hotness is still possible!

You can still play many roles. Very sexy swinger roles. The most gracious, the most chivalrous men that I have encountered in such a situation engage wholeheartedly in pleasing me. Love that. And it takes the pressure off of the pending erection. It doesn’t always mean that the erection will develop. But it keeps things very sexy. It allows your partner to continue to have loads of fun. And it scores big points for future potential encounters with us!

Another elegant option is to switch back to your primary partner for a while. Get your mojo back and see how it goes. Or to at least combine the situation so that the said gal involved (that would be me!) can join in on the fun, and so can you in a range of ways.

And lastly, Viagra, Viagra, Viagra. And if you didn’t bring any, chances are the swinger guy who is thumping away at your wife might have some to share. It is worth asking when they take a break.

Be a gentleman and you’ll get another chance with me and others out there, I promise. Storm off embarrassed or angry and you’ve lost a potential future playmate. And at least where I am concerned, I am worth the wait!


Mrs. Doubleplay

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