Intermission - Swinging Takes a HolidayAnne and I have been out of the scene for a bit. I don’t really know why. Obviously because of this these blog posts have slowed to a trickle. I think this is just the natural ebb and flow of our own relationship. Everything seems cyclical sometimes. Flowing back and forth. Focusing on us and bringing others to bed. High libido and low libido. Stress and relaxation. Meeting new people and seeing old friends. All of these things and more come and go at different times. Sometimes things get in the way.

A while back I wrote about some newbies. Just to rehash, Anne and I clicked with them and by that I mean high levels of comfort and attraction between all parties. Then they simply disappeared. Recently, I received an instant message from them saying that they had a baby and wanted to meet up again to try to continue where we left off (which was just about to have sexy times). This explains why they disappeared, but still they could have kept in contact. They were generally just cool people. Lo and behold, they once again disappeared from the IM and are gone. I am pretty sure I am done with them if they ever randomly show up again.

I always spend way too much time trying to meet new people. Last time I tried to contact new people on Kasidie, I found a few people who actually responded. One couple both the man and the woman were bi. Awesome. That is something you don’t see often. I tried to set up a night to meet, but they were always last-minute. They’d ask Friday at five if we wanted to meet that night for drinks. No sorry. I need more notice. This happened a few times and then I think we both gave up. The second couple seemed cool and to have similar interest as us, but then of all things they questioned Anne about her bi-ness. She responded that she wasn’t super experienced, but enjoyed what she had done. That was apparently not good enough and they stopped responding. Time investment versus results is not good. I need a new method for finding people. Sigh.

I’d love to say we are super sexy and always up for fun, but sometimes we aren’t. As much as Anne and I are similar and click on many levels, we are still individuals and react differently to things. Stress is a good example. When I am stressed I would love to lose myself in the bodily pleasures of another/others. Anne on the other hand generally wants nothing to do with anything sexy when she is stressed. So sometimes things just don’t work out for swinging all the time and if we aren’t both on board for any reason that ship does not sail. Sometimes these things just keep lining up and we stay in the harbor for a while. That is fine. That is life. We have always been in this for each other and just knowing the ship is there is a great feeling.

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