A Busy Poly Life - How YOU doin'?Heya, non-monogs! How's it swingin'? Is everybody's life awesome and full of love?

I've been a busy kitten. For a little while there, yeah, even too busy to blog–too busy to sit down and slather my thoughts and feelings all across the computer screen for all to see. But I'm better now! I hope.

A lot of things have changed since I last wrote for this website, so I want to catch y'all up a bit before I jump on in with all the things. This entry on my blog touches on everything pretty nicely, but I'll give you the highlights:


1. I am a lesbian.
This revelation came upon me slowly, over the course of my entire life. I'm a lesbian. Married to a man. (Yes, still married.)

2. Kitten/Raja and I are no longer together.
The reasons for this are personal, and were touched upon in my blog.

3. I'm still polyamorous, married with one girlfriend and one boyfriend.
My husband, Ark, has one LDR with a girl, but is looking for someone closer. We attend local poly mixers to meet other people in the area.

4. My girlfriend, Dawn, will soon be moving into a house with Ark and I.
That's right, we'll be a poly household!


I'm more or less trying to take it easy and not stir up any drama while preparing for our move. This is a huge step for me and Ark, both separately and as a couple. We've come so far from where we began, and it wasn't easy. Being in a polyamorous relationship is a lot of work. But, like I've said before, the work is greatly rewarded.

I'll be back soon with more to say, more adventures to describe, more theories to shove around! See you then!

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