Wish You Were Here - Cooper Reports from Desire Resort and SpaGreetings from Paradise! At this moment, I sit naked on a swinging bed near the lobby bar at Desire Resort and Spa on the Riviera Maya. Wish you were here! I really do. I wish I could share this with all of you.

In the months leading up to this trip, through our forum posts and web chats, and individually chatting (and flirting [and maybe some webcam fun]) with our guests, I came to realize that the group we had assembled was really something interesting. We have a cadre from Northern California who all came together (and then again, and again.) We have a fairly amazing contingency from Toronto. We have a vast range of ages, body types, interests, backgrounds, languages. We have swingers and nudists and polyamorists all out here representing. And we have a fair number that like many of us straddle that line. Perhaps our lifestyles are more Venn diagrams than anything else.

I've been here for 48 hours. That's it. I've experienced wonderful conversations. I've experienced fabulous orgasms. I've managed (much to my surprise) to flip the switch and simply enjoy any level of sexual encounter (or regular encounter for that matter, though I'd hesitate to call any encounter here vanilla) with those I've met.

Yesterday we had an extremely well attended toy show and tell, where I (upon realizing that someone may expect me to, you know, be in charge, and, um, lead-ish [“I led you here, Sir. For I am Spartacus.”]) held up each of the toys we brought, explained why we brought them (including “Shock value” when it comes to the Bad Dragon dildo) and passed them around to a very enthusiastic group of spectators.

An unplanned gushing demonstration followed. Marilyn got oohs and ahhs from an appreciative crowd. If you like watching two girls fuck with a kegel supported double dildo…that happened. Also a wand orgasm, and some very enjoyable nJoy eleven demonstrations.

A couple hours later, we regrouped in the reception area just outside the lobby, and for the first time I caught a glimpse of our groupĀ in toto and was floored. Here is a group of people so diverse, and yet so totally similar. It made me feel hopeful. As I felt in California.

This can work. We can DO this. We can live this lifestyle on the fringes of the mainstream and perhaps one day be more accepted.

But for now, on this spit of sand, on the ocean, in the sun, in the hot tub, on the beach beds, with those of our ilk, we are again home.

Oh. And the week started with a guy on guy blowjob in the hot tub. That seems to be a tradition.

Hasta luego!


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  • Sounds like a fantastic time. Roll and I are bummed that we had to cancel and could not make the trip. Looking forward to your next one we definitely will be there and we are there in spirit. Enjoy your trip. If you run into Candido in the restaraunt tell him chickadita in the wheelchair says Hi. He will understand


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