Another play party: different venue, a different atmosphere, and far different reactions (part 2) or MFM's rockI am not used to being the center of attention. No, that isn’t true – I like being the center of attention in social situations. However, I am not used to simply taking without giving something back. I tend to be an active participant when it comes to sex play; focusing more on my partner’s pleasure than my own.

This night was different; I asked for comfort after witnessing the BDSM scene. Chatting naked was a definite distraction; cuddling naked more so. We spoke of my sexual bucket list and the idea of my interest in having him help me with crossing double penetration (dp) off of it. I was speaking towards the future, though I suppose there was no time like the present. He asked Guy to join us in the bedroom.

When I was young I had done an MFM, but that was nothing like this one. In that one, I was giving a friend a blow job when my bf got that sort of “I want to have fun too” attitude and decided to fuck me. It was not a great experience, which made it incredibly awkward to be around both of them together anytime after that.

This was nothing like that. This seemed to be all about me; about what I wanted and about what I thought felt good.

Not being overly fond of receiving anal, dp was not as pleasant as I had thought it might be. But having Guy watch me ride another cock was damn hawt. And being able to suck cock and have another in my pussy; while they remained friendly, chatting about positioning me, was absolutely amazing.

It was a weird to simply lay back and let them do all the work. But once I let go and just began to feel, I lost track of everything. It felt like forever that I was cumming (multiple orgasmic and squirting); though Guy said it was not long. I was told that others had come into the room to collect their belongings; though I didn’t notice them. I was lost in a world of bliss; a world that I would very much like to return to again and again.

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