For Episode 101 we thought giving a brief “101” lecture on Progressive Swinging felt right.

So, we reintroduce and define what we mean by Progressive Swinging, and give you the very basics; what you need, what to expect, and how to proceed. We've approached the basics before, communication, introductions, prep work, but this time with give it to you with a different goal in mind, how to enter into Progressive Swinging.

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  • Elling Norman
    March 1, 2013 11:51 am

    You carefully explain the long steps of communication, sharing fantasy, preparing ground rules in a very good manner. But do people just dive or stumble in as well? Attending parties where flirting (and maybe booze) gets out of hand, ending in a swap situation – and finding out it was OK – and going on from there?

  • I’ve noticed that you’ve made the term “progressive swinging” which is a questionable term found in the difference between “polyamory” and “swinging”. Now in addition to progressive swinging, does it involve forming long-term emotional/romantic/sexual relationship, as well as deep friendships with other swingers, but not to forming practical relationships with them?

    • For me, the key to progressive swinging is specifically the openness, safety, and community. How you choose to make your relationships doesn’t suddenly make you “not” a swinger.


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