I couldn't wait to get the chance to try out Ophoria's K-Balls. As soon as I received them I took them out of the package to see how they would feel and thought they looked like they would be great to have inside me. I've loved using Kegel weights in the past and was happy to get to try out a new set.

The first chance I had to get to try them out I did.  I inserted the first ball inside me as I was laying on my back on my bed and they slid in very nicely, since I'm fortunate enough to be naturally wet. The second one did as well, but I had a hard time trying to get it completely in. I did get it in, but just didn't feel like it was being held in by my muscles.  It was, I checked again to make sure and nothing was falling out so I figured it must be okay.

As the day went along K-Balls felt like they were really working my kegel muscles.  Occasionally it felt like they were coming out, but every chance I could I would check that they were in and there were a few times where I did have to readjust. I think since I get up out of my chair at work so often that the balls tended to slide a little. Otherwise they felt very comfortable in and kept me a little excited throughout the day knowing that they were inside of me.

At the end of the day when I needed to remove K-Balls, I simply pulled the long plastic string and the first ball slide out very nicely. Even though I was laying on my back on my bed I really had to pull to get the second ball out. It was suctioned so tight inside of me, it almost seemed like my muscles didn't want to give it back to me.  I did eventually get the K-Balls out. Just needed one nice pull and “pop” out it came. And after being inside for that long time they didn't have any bad odor left on them.

Clean up was very easy. All I had to use was so warm water and soap and they were ready for the next day. If I felt it needed a little more disinfecting, I used some toy spray or toy wipes to clean them off too.

A funny thing did happen when I had these in though. It was a long day at work and was really excited to get home and have some “playtime” with Cooper. So we got out some of my toys and started playing with them. Cooper was inserting them and pushing them deep in me. He even fucked me in the process, but not until we got to  a vibrator did I notice this sound. It sounded like weights and not a second later did I realize that I still had my K-Balls inside of me. Oh my God! I tried reaching up for them and felt them WAY up inside of me. The string had been pushed up too, Cooper had to go up in me and fish them out. Luckily he reached the K-Balls and got them out. What a relief! I guess I was just so comfortable with having them in that I forgot that they were still in me.

I enjoyed using Ophoria's K-Balls. They were very comfortable and easy to use and after using them for a few days I could start to notice my kegels were a little stronger than they were before. The only thing that I didn't like was that they occassionally would slide out of  me and the tip of the ball would be peaking out. Would make a little irritated at times and having to get up to go to the bathroom to readjust them. I think there needs to be some type of texture on them to keep them up inside. The smooth surface is great, but it can't hold up all that weight.

Once that is worked on, I would definitely try them again.

Full Disclosure: We did not purchase this product, it was sent to us specifically for review. Our policy is to, regardless of how we acquired a product, review it fairly and openly. No writer for Life On The Swingset will ever deliberately mislead our readers into believing that a product is good because of anything we received from the company. We are open and honest, and cannot be bought or bribed. If we love a product, we'll tell you, if we don't, BELIEVE us, we'll tell you that too. End disclaimer.

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  • Ponatshego Kgagawe
    June 12, 2012 5:01 am

    I am a lady of 36 years old and a have a daughter. I have a problem in My sexual life. when I have sex I don’t feel plesure instead its pain. Please help me on how I can treat this sexual problem.

    • Swingsetlife
      June 14, 2012 8:15 pm

      If you are experiencing pain in your sexuality, you need to see a doctor about it. It’s possible it isn’t a medical condition, but this should be ruled out first.

  • Hi, can u use the k-balls if u have had a coil fitted? I have a copper coil fitted (birth control)


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