Intolerance - Contraception Debate, Religious Intolerance, & Grumpy Cooper

My name is Cooper Beckett, and I am a loudmouth. I'm extremely opinionated, and I use my little podcast as a soap box for my opinions. I'm also a snarky bastard, who enjoys giving shit to all. Just ask Dylan. This weekend, I got two emails, both taking me to task for my grumpery. I have snarked about “breeders” because I have no interest in having children. I have never seen this term as an insult, and have no issue whatsoever with children, or those who bear them. I like kids, I like people with kids. As a definite minority amongst those in a family way, I will jab, but never with malice. And I will apologize for the term breeders.

On two other topics, I have been called intolerant. That of the religious, and Republicans. I will admit to painting broad swaths of the religious with the same brush, the same can be said for my opinions and feelings about Republicans. I am an atheist and a Democrat, I have never hidden this fact. To our listeners who are religious, especially Christian, and to those who are Republican, I apologize for my often harsh words toward your affiliations. I recognize how strongly these beliefs can be held.

I have often said that all beliefs should be tolerated, so long as they don't infringe on other people. Right now, my state of Illinois is moving forward to allow gay marriage. The only people to speak against it were the religious. Are there religious folk who are sex positive? Who promote freedom, equality, tolerance? Absolutely. Are there republicans who also espouse the same beliefs and strengths that I stand for? Definitely! I know many people that fit into one or both of these categories. They are my friends, they are my lovers, they are my family.

I will never apologize, however, for my intolerance of intolerance. Rest assured, when I complain about the religious, I'm complaining about those who use their beliefs in God as a bludgeon for shaping policy that makes cohabitation without marriage illegal in Virginia, prohibits or impedes access to birth control, and by and large, keeps marriage equality from being a right for ALL Americans. I’m complaining about the institutionalized cover-up of thousands upon thousands of child sexual abuse cases in the Catholic church. When I complain about the Republicans, I complain about those who opposed the Violence against Women Act, who stand in the way of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. And those responsible for all of the above God bludgeoning. These are not beliefs, this is intolerance. Beliefs are for you. Intolerance is for the world.

I stand against those spreading blatant lies about contraception, and conception, about women’s bodies being able to shut down rape, about the validity of science, and a misconception of what the term “theory” actually means.

Tolerance is a noble attribute, and one I strive for in myself with every person I encounter. I’m reasonably sure that the listeners of our podcast don’t fit into those categories that I am complaining about, and if they do, I would be very curious to hear them talk about how they reconcile these beliefs with their interest in our aberrant sexuality.

But all that said, I adore my listeners, and the thought that I’ve upset or hurt anyone with my glib comments causes me pain, and again I apologize to them. Every word I speak that doesn’t have a citation should always be treated as my opinion, which is no more valid than any other opinion, even if mine is sometimes louder. To crib from our intro, I am most certainly biased, but I will always speak honestly and earnestly, and as a staunch defender of all safe, sane, and consensual sexual and relationship practices that occur between adults, I will never pull my punches.

Thank you


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  • We the intolerant of intolerance stand with you Cooper! Im actually intolerant of people taking personally what has been spoken “generally”. I mean holy crap can we not express an opinion ANYWHERE anymore? I understand you and the Swingset crew, and Shira & Gavin at PP are speaking publically, and so maybe there are a whole set of different rules that goes along with that, but these are YOUR shows. So arent you supposed to be allowed to give YOUR opinion however the heck you want to on YOUR show? Without apology or excuse?

    Maybe its just the New Yorker in me that even after 20+yrs in the South hasnt been “sugared”, “honeyed”, or “bless your hearted” out of me yet, but I feel like your truth is your truth, to speak it less or not all when you can, is a whisper away from a lie.

    Besides, when the masses doth protest too much, that to me is classic projection. They dont want to deal with truths they hear in your words, so instead make it some sort of attack on them personally. That isnt your problem, thats on them. This coming from one of your “spiritual” listeners, and hey an ordained one at that 😉

  • “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”
    — Edmund Burke

    There is no such thing as “the right not to be offended”.
    I would go as far to say: If you aren’t offending any one, you aren’t doing a good job.

    Please don’t cave into the “political correctness” that poisons so many activists.

    Your only responsibility towards the offended is: Refund them all the money they paid for your free podcast.

  • A few years ago, a woman called the Sex is Fun podcast and said something to the effect of “I’m about to get married. I’m a virgin for religious reasons and I’m looking for some ideas to spice up the wedding night”.

    The main guy, Kidder, spent like 15 minutes of an hour long podcast blasting this woman in particular and religion in general. The next episode, when he was called out on it, he doubled down and spent 10 more minutes shaming this woman for her stupidity in following a make-believe god. (extremely paraphrased)

    I’m not much for religion, my beliefs are mine and mine alone, but that was bullshit! He turned a safe-space for sex positive advice into a fire and brimstone anti-church. A bully pulpit. I stopped listening to that podcast that day and never looked back.

    I was seriously considering bailing on your podcast as well. This week’s podcast showed me that you more of a loudmouth with an opinion and less of an arrogant prick. Loudmouths with opinions are just fine. They make up about 75% of my podcast listening schedule. But, an arrogant prick wouldn’t even have bothered responding to those letters.

    Thanks for doing this. You’ve kept at least one listener in the process.

    • Thank you Kevin. I try very hard not to be arrogant, and when I am, I certainly welcome being called on it. Glad we could keep you around, hopefully won’t need a Mea Culpa II for a while.

  • Hi, Cooper. I’ve never found you to be unreasonably snarky. This may be because you and I agree on so many things. Not everything, mind you, but far more often then not. I, for one, don’t mind being called a “breeder” even though my breeding days are over. I don’t see it as an offensive term. It’s simply accurate.

  • Anybody remember what happened to the SiF podcast when Kidder “loudmouth” Kaper left?

    Me neither. Without a dissonant opinion, it looks like CSI without the bad guys.


  • Truth is wrought by challenges.
    Belief is tempered by truth.
    If one loathes to have their beliefs challenged,
    is it for fear that the challenge is too great?

  • RunSilent RunDeep
    April 2, 2013 12:25 pm

    I am a Christian and a breeder, and I have not been offended by your comments about same. My advice to those who have been: get a grip.


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