Happy New Year everyone!

2013 was a year filled with pain, regret, and some amazing time spend with wonderful people, fans, and at fantastic venues and conventions. 2014 is on course to be a much better year for those of us on the Swingset. We all got together (Cooper, Dylan,  Shira, and Miko) to discuss our hopes and our projects for this new year. Dylan seems to spout out a new resolution every five minutes, between hitting the clubs more, getting larger Chicago based groups of people together for club takeovers and discussion groups and *gasp* potlucks, he also asks that everyone contribute clips of the show to us so we can put together a Simpsons style episode 138 spectacular! Shira discusses wanting to better date women and offers that us swingers will be demanding gluten free meals soon. Miko wants to get her swing on more and all in all create more space and time to enjoy people. Cooper's cracking the whip and preparing everyone to write books and more importantly to him, step back from his efforts to develop polyamorous relationships and to better enjoy the wonderful world of swinging.

He's coming back home people. ūüôā

We also have wonderful guests lined up for this year, between¬†Charlie Glickman, Dr Antionette Izzo, Kate McCombs, Epiphora, Redhead Bedhead, and more… things really are looking up for the swingset!

Interested in signing up for our favorite Lifestyle site Kasidie.com? Click here to try it out!

Come with us for The Swingset Takes Desire '14? 

Contact us at dylansprops@lifeontheswingset.com so we can put together a clipshow based on your submissions!

Send us your sexy orgasmic voicemails at 573-55-SWING, that's 573-557-9464!

Comments? Complaints? Visit Reddit.com's /r/Swingers to let us know what's on your mind! Search for Comments for SS 143: Swinging and Polyamory Resolutions for 2014 or via direct link here!

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