When the topic of sexual shame comes up, nowhere is it greater than the institutionalized shame heaped upon the women of the world, asked to be both hypersexual and aesexual simultaneously. Tonight we're re-joined by our friend Lady Cheeky, Elle Chase, who is featured in upcoming documentary “Inside Her Sex” exploring female sexuality and shame.

* Editor's note: We had minor technical difficulties near the end of the episode. We lost Elle near the end so while we said goodbye to her… we promise she said goodbye back.

…and flirted back with Dylan.

he swears. by the moon. and the stars. and the sun.





Check out Elle Chase's websites. For porn head to Lady Cheeky, for education Smut for Smarties, to hire Elle, check out her professional site, and her new LA Academy of Sex Education!

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  • […] the ones I liked and just pretended the rest didn’t exist.  I was recently listening to a Life on the Swingset Podcast about sexual shame. (Episode 186: Women, Sex and Shame) In the episode they discussed a photo shoot Lady Cheeky had and how she had a similar reaction. […]


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