Like any grown-up evil sexy organization, the Swingset has behind the scenes methods of communication. We only use the best 64bit DES encryption available and as a result… certain “communications” have gotten out. We've decided to “get ahead” of the leaks and post chat logs ourselves.
[box type=”download”]dylanthomassmallPresented without comment:[/box] [box type=”info”]i bet our elevator speeches are more exciting than theirs.
cooperbeckettsmall[/box] [box type=”bio”] gingerbenthamsmallWe shared insight on “Mehrabian’s Rule” (also known as the “7%-38%-55% Rule”) which describes the importance of verbal and non-verbal messaging. Albert Mehrabian’s research suggests that only 7 percent of communication happens through words (be clear, direct, precise). Thirty-eight percent of communication is portrayed through tone of voice (consider emphasis, pitch, speed), and 55 percent through nonverbal cues (body language, eye contact, gestures). While we agree that as actuaries, our verbal impact in the workplace is likely higher than 7 percent, the research regarding tone and non-verbal cues still reflects the importance of being aware of the non-verbal messages we are sending as we communicate.
The 7-38-55 rule?[/box] [box type=”download”]brb crafting Elevator Speech 2.0 and presenting it to Reid
dylanthomassmall[/box] [box type=”bio”]What the everlovin fuck? LOL
I get it but WHA?
gingerbenthamsmall[/box] [box type=”download”]dylanthomassmallNow Reid, Actuarial Science dictates that you must commit to a certain amount of verbal and nonverbal communication if you are to achieve your preferred risk to reward ratio when attempting to dine on your potential play partner's pussy and or cock.
[/box] [box type=”bio”]I always factor actuarial science into my seduction
gingerbenthamsmall[/box] [box type=”download”]so fucking hot
dylanthomassmall[/box] [box type=”info”]because why wouldn't you
cooperbeckettsmall[/box] [box type=”bio”]I like to know my odds
gingerbenthamsmall[/box] [box type=”download”]i'm getting so much joy out of this
dylanthomassmall[/box] [box type=”bio”]Me tooooooo
gingerbenthamsmall[/box] [box type=”info”]heh, gin, your odds are 100%
cooperbeckettsmall[/box] [box type=”bio”]RAWR

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