Recently, our own United States of America had a watershed moment. An injustice so deeply ingrained into what we've called society, what we've called family, what we've called “real and respectable” with one fell swoop, became righted as a matter of not just public policy, but as law.

The Supreme Court's decision on Obergefell v. Hodges granted marriage equality for all persons, and while the rest of the country's legal structure catches up to the new reality, we're seeing a vocal minority of polyamorous people… and a surprising amount of popular media address the possibility of multiple partner marriage… Poly marriage.

We welcome Cunning Minx back to the Swingset, where she and Dylan step on their soap boxes and bring up Justice Roberts’ dissent’s thoughts on a plural marriage slippery slope, Justice Kennedy’s majority opinion based on fundamental rights instead of the expected equal protection. We discuss what marriage is anyway and what it represents between us as people, us as the government, and us and our beliefs. We look at where polyamorous groupings and families are vulnerable and what marriage, or a set of contracts granting protection, or possibly an incorporation would do to protect them.
Also… we discuss why we’re in the “Reefer Madness” stage of the general public recognizing what polyamory is.

Some articles that might interest you since they informed our discussion (for better or worse… THANKS MEDIA):

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