This motherfucker right here…

One measure of a person is how they respond to feedback, how they respond to criticism, and how, if they realize they could have done something better, they learn from it so they can -do- better next time. If you say a lot of shit and attempt to say “It's cool, i'm just an asshole” or “Hey I'm just a comedian and i'm making jokes” it doesn't exempt you from critics or criticism, and it doesn't mean you have a built-in get out of free jail card for when you're an asshole.

This dude's been arguing with several people after saying some problematic at best shit, then he's been attempting to take conversations private to have a more “personal” discussion. Then… THEN when someone speaks up in public, engages him on his turf, he can't fucking handle it.

Billy Procida, go be an asshole, be a comedian, but don't expect people in the world to respect you as a member of the sex positive community. You do what you need to do for attention, for your podcast, for your business, whatever it is, but don't start whining like a child when you aren't let into our spaces.

Facebook conversation reconstruction below:

NOTE: We learned that comments were being deleted to alter the conversation, luckily a few friends took screen captures. This is the best reconstruction of the full thread.



Futher social media conversation regarding reactions to Billy's Harassment:


Ashley Manta's Tumblr post on Billy Procida:

I think @Bex106 said it best… psa: calling out public displays of gross misogyny is a community service, NOT HARASSMENT

Dirty Lola's experience with Billy Procida:



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