is an STI testing service that allows you to collect a sample at home and then be tested by an accredited lab. Results are quickly and confidentially available through their website. The tests can be ordered on Amazon or direct from their website.

There are several options including HIV, Chlamydia/Gonorrhea (genital or combination oral, genital and anal), and Trichomoniasis. The ordering process is very simple through the MyLabBox website. Registration and confirmation that you are over 18 is required by law for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing. HIV testing is not limited by age. The Chlamydia/Gonorrhea and Trich tests are vaginal swabs (female) or urine tests (male). Transgender individuals should order the test that corresponds with their genitalia. If you have a vagina you should order the female kit, which is slightly more accurate than the male urine kit. HIV testing is a blood drop test which is more accurate than saliva testing offered by other companies.

The test I am reviewing is the female Chlamydia/Gonorrhea test. I received a promotional copy of this product to provide an unbiased review. The regular cost was $79 and included shipping. I received the test in 2 days. It was shipped in a standard brown box with a return address of MyLabBox.

The test sample should be sent the same day it is taken. A postage paid, addressed Priority Mail envelope is included so you just need to put in in your mailbox, a postal service blue box or drop it off at a local post office.

The testing is very simple and painless. Be sure to read the instructions carefully, fill out the requisition sheet and label the sample bottle. I would recommend using a fine point Sharpie pen for this. My ball point pen did not work well on the label. Put the sample back in the box, and put the box and paperwork in the envelope. The whole process takes less than five minutes.

I mailed my sample Monday afternoon. At 3am on Thursday I received an email letting me know my results were available. I logged into the website using the account and password I created to register. I was slightly annoyed because on the results page they have a survey about the experience right at the top, so you have to scroll down to find the results. It seems like they should put the results right at the top.

The results are clearly marked as negative or positive. If you like you can download and print a PDF with the results that includes your identification, lab information, results, and date. There are clear directions at the top of the screen indicating you should see your healthcare provider if you have a non-negative or positive result. They also indicate that if the results are not negative they will call you to discuss the result and provide a phone number if you want to call. My results were negative so I did not have any phone interaction with MyLabBox.

MyLabBox does offer consultation with a medical doctor and an STI counselor if you test positive. In some states they are able to call in a prescription for treatment. If you test positive your state health department is notified of a positive result. This is required by law.

As compared to the amount of time making an appointment, waiting, and being tested at my doctor’s office, this was a breeze! This is not a substitute for a yearly exam that includes a pap test, pelvic and breast exam. But, it is an excellent way to be tested for STI’s if you want to test more than once a year. I do feel that if you have any symptoms (pain, lesions, unusual discharge or smell) you should see a medical professional for an exam and testing.

Another neat feature is that you can order gift cards so you can pay to have your partner(s) tested and they will get their own tests and results.

As part of this review I’d like to share a story from personal experience and a comparison. A few years ago a friend called to tell us he had tested positive for Chlamydia. This person’s wife was my husband’s swing partner. They do use condoms for intercourse. I do not play with the person affected but had played with people who are also partners of the positive individual. My husband and I are fluid bonded. I decided even though the likelihood of being infected was low, the best course of action would be for both my husband and myself to get tested. After 20 minutes on the phone to make an appointment, an hour and a half at the office, and an explanation of my lifestyle to the doctor covering for my regular doctor, I was tested for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. My husband had to take off work for his appointment. We each spent $30 on the copay and $150 for the lab work because our insurance had a deductible. It took a full week to get results, which thankfully were negative. This is an instance when MyLabBox could have saved us time and money.

I think MyLabBox is a great option for simple STI testing in the swing and poly community. The tests are discreet, simple, painless, quick and cost effective. Testing by mail is not a substitute for a yearly medical exam and testing, but is perfect for a 3 or 6 month check, when there is a low risk encounter that you might be concerned about or before fluid bonding with poly partners.

I have received a promotional copy of this product to provide my unbiased review.

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