On this episode Kat & Flick are discussing autonomy in non-monogamy. How emphasizing autonomy for yourself and your partners serves your relationships, and the tricky situations and consequences that can come up related to owning your independent self.

Even if it doesn't seem like it, we choose how much we let other people's needs and wants influence our decision making and how much autonomy we claim for ourselves. Romantic & sexual relationships challenge autonomy regularly and in non-monogamy that challenge can be ever-present.


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  • Another outstanding episode, guys! Again, a high–level topic leads to a really great discussion about very tangible and relatable issues and situations. Also, it continues to be reassuring to hear that a couple with more experience than I has the same kind of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) moments. Clearly this stuff is never 100% simple, but it is SO worth the challenge. Looking forward to the next episode….


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