The relationships between women in non-monogamy are rarely discussed other than that bisexual babes are hot together. Women have been taught to compete & struggle against even our closest female friends so how can we connect when there are people we love openly together? And how does it work when we're into each other too?

The complicated dynamics that come from sharing partners as well as the grey area that is often present between metamour and partner (something Kat's┬ácome to call metaMORE) are part of we discuss on this episode of On The Wet Coast. We also chat about how essential honest communication is, and how the myth of the ‘cool girl' messes all of us up. And since there was so much to talk about, there's even more in a second part of this discussion that will follow in the next episode.

Special guest Dawn Ardent joins Kat Stark

Check out our Cool Girl Bingo card (huge props to Dawn for creating this for us) here: Cool Girl Bingo

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