The Lust Arts Unicorn Horn and Lust Burster are some of the most artistic and beautiful toys I've ever had the pleasure to experience. A lot of thought was clearly put into design and materials and hey really are works of art. I have been displaying the incredible Lust Burster Xenomorph dildo on my mantle when I haven't been using it to do wonderful things to myself and others.

The silicone in both toys is delightfully flexible and squishy and feels really great to the touch. The subtle iridescence and depth of the colours draw the eye to want to look as much as my hands want to touch.

Unicorn Horn in swirling rainbow agate with gold base

The Lust Arts dildos are available in a 5 different densities from extra soft to firm and 5 different sizes from Teaser to Screamer. They come in a variety of colours as well and you can choose from ones available or customize your own colour combos. I received a Pounder-sized (⅘), medium density Unicorn Horn with a suction cup in Rainbow Agate and a Moaner-sized (⅗), medium density Lust Burster in Xenomorph.

I love these toys! I really don't know how much I can emphasize that point. They're beautiful and I want to touch them, and they feel even better in my body. AND they're geeky cool, which goes a very long way in a business where I can feel a lot of discomfort about heteronormative gendered marketing and dildo styles. The communication I had with the company over email was top notch and they included a few incredibly adorable mini versions of the toys in my order which give me so much joy to display (and I plan to thread wire through them to hang on my Christmas tree come December).

The Unicorn Horn is unlike any other toy I've used. The long, tapered shaft is fantastic for reaching deep inside and the flexibility means that it hits the good spots without me feeling like my cervix is being stormed like the Bastille. I love the gold suction cup base which has light inscriptions in the silicone that remind me a whole lot of the One Ring To Rule Them All (I'm sure that's not a coincidence). As I begin to explore more anal play with larger items, I'm sure the Unicorn Horn will be my go to anal toy based on that tapering.

The Lust Burster is one of my absolute favourite toys in my arsenal. It feels like the curves were perfectly designed for my body and the texture is subtle enough that my g-spot doesn't start complaining about too much too soon. The curved angle of the head hits such a delicious spot inside me that I can't help but ask for this toy again and again when offered a choice from the bowl of dongs. The level of detail in the design is extraordinary. A beautiful and oh so functional piece.

All inspired by typing up my previous notes, I decided to double penetrate (DP) myself with the two toys. Because of the tapered shape of the Unicorn Horn, it was quite easy for the Lust Burster to slide into my pussy despite my ass being full. It can often take some back and forth to be able to fit two toys inside me at once but these two worked incredibly well in tandem.

Please note: The Unicorn Horn and Lust Burster were generously provided to me by Lust Arts in exchange for my honest review. My notes and opinions are my own. Visit the Lust Arts website here

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