Click-baity title aside, many people would like to figure out how to get more sex and better sex in their lives. It's not a priority for everyone, and isn't required to be, but for those who are looking to get more sex in their lives, it can be a struggle. We're here to tell you it doesn't have to be.

Reinterpreting what sex is can be a big and helpful start down the path to more sex. As well, reinterpreting what you're looking for in a sexual encounter can help you figure out how to get your needs met beyond any specific set of acts. It isn't always ‘insert tab A in slot B' that we want from sex (though sometimes it is and that is also legitimate). Sometimes what we want is a sense of connection or physical intimacy that can be met in more ways than we think.

On this episode of On The Wet Coast, Flick Morrison and Kat Stark discuss How to Have More (and Better) Sex.

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