Jealousy is a complex emotion that usually arises when we feel threatened or like we're not getting our needs met. It is almost always the reason people cite when they state that they couldn't ever be non-monogamous yet plenty of non-monogamous and polyamorous people experience jealousy regularly.

The various circumstances that lead to jealousy tend to shift the longer people have lived in open relationships. From sexual jealousy to that over deepening intimacy or relationship milestones. Sometimes it is even very person-specific, cropping up only with regards to one partner, or only one of their partners.

On this episode of On The Wet Coast, Flick Morrison and Kat Stark revisit Jealousy with regards to compersion, metamours, NRE, relationship milestones, and why rules can't solve jealousy.

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Music in this episode: Theme music – A Naked Gun: Bank Assault by Francesco D'Andrea

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