Vibrators are wonderful partners in many people's sex lives but it's hard to know which ones are going to work for you. They're usually described as either rumbly or buzzy but what the hell do those terms mean? Is one of them better than the other?

Most toy reviewers would answer passionately that one is for sure the superior sensation but it's because we're all very biased based on what works for us as individuals. When we say one is better we mean that it's better for us.

The frequency of vibrations in a toy is what determines whether it's buzzy or rumbly. Generally, smaller toys like bullet vibes are going to be on the buzzy end of the spectrum due to their small size. They vibrate at a high frequency which is great for specific and pinpoint stimulation. Larger wand toys are on the rumble side of the equation. They're large enough to contain powerful motors capable of creating an intense, low-frequency rumble, though often their higher settings skew toward buzz.

The difference between buzz and rumble becomes relevant since neither is intrinsically better but that each is better for specific people with specific anatomy. The fact that everyone's junk works differently is kind of a hassle as you're figuring out the best toys for you, but once you do, it makes shopping a whole lot easier.

People who prefer focused clit stimulation to get off are often going to enjoy a buzzy toy. They're small and they can be applied very effectively to the external portion of the clit to much ecstatic effect. They're also easy to fit between two people during partnered sex, if you're into that kind of thing. If you're a person who loves fast, flicky sensations on your clit, buzz is your friend. And you're lucky because there are so many inexpensive options on the market that will get you off.

Small doesn't mean that it's not powerful since the Palm Power and We-Vibe Tango are in this range of toys and are both punching well above their weight. The Blush Nocturnal lipstick vibe and the FemmeFunn Ultra bullet are other good options in this category. And for something completely different there is the Zumio.

For people who need deeper vibrations that perhaps feel like they rattle their pelvic bones, rumble is essential. If you look at large motorbikes and want to saddle up and just rev the engine for half an hour, you like rumble. Buzzy vibes can just feel irritating since they aren't able to move you along the pathway to orgasm. The large wand vibrators provide a deeper, broader contact that can get the job done but they're often much more expensive than their buzzy siblings. They're also not quiet so if you have noise concerns, they're trickier to use discreetly. I need all the deep rumbles I can get if I want to orgasm and consider a jackhammer to be a dream bedmate.

The Magic Wand is the most famous of this style of vibrator, and for good reason. The rechargeable version is even more powerful than the original and is worth the difference in price for flexibility and power. Another fantastic option is the Doxy line. I love my Die-Cast and the original Doxy is also a fan favourite. The Queen Bee by Hot Octopuss is an oscillating toy that has similar power and rumble, even if it doesn't exactly vibrate. There are a ton of other options on the market that vary in power and rumble (and price point) so it is worth reading specific reviews from Bloggers to find out their assessment.

There are also a bunch of other styles of toys that can stimulate your bits in wondrous ways. They may suction or spin or oscillate or thrust or ? and I haven't tried enough of them to have much helpful insight.
Happy Shopping and I wish you all the best in finding your ideal pleasure source.

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  • I love so many different kinds of vibrators, however I will never be without my plug-in magic wand, doesn’t matter what’s happened in my day, when that things on I’m in bliss. By the way, I love the article.


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