What does Sex Positivity and Sex Negativity actually mean? There is a lot of confusion surrounding these terms. People have a tendancy to throw these terms around with little to no explanation which just seems to add to the confusion. On this episode, we attempt to help define these two terms as best as we can while identifying the potential problems with each definition. We also discuss some of the evolution and background and history of Sex Negativity and Sex Positivity in the process.

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  • Jase: We would love to hear from you. We want to know, was this the first time you d heard this other definition of sex negativity? Is that something you ve heard of before? Is it something you identify with? What about sex positivity? What s your relationship been with that? Of course, if you are a theologian or a philosopher who writes about sex moralism, I would love to talk to you more about that because I find it super fascinating. The best place that you can share your thoughts with other listeners is on this episode s discussion thread in our private Facebook group or our discord chat.


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