Our desire for sexual experiences–both solo and with a partner or partners–fluctuates for countless reasons. Stress, fatigue, hormones, depression, body image, and connectivity are just a few of the things that can affect a person’s libido.

Since we live in such a sex negative society talking about negative impacts on libido are considered frivolous since sexuality isn’t considered to be a worthwhile measure of quality of life. It’s also not stressed that we connect and partner with people who share similar libidos to ours since sexual compatibility is a shallow and selfish measure of relationship quality.

Today On The Wet Coast, Kat Stark & Flick Morrison talk about our Libidos, figuring out how they work, working with others to get on the same page desire-wise (or at least same chapter), managing our relationships when our libidos aren’t where we want them to be, and tips to find a way back to our sexy selves.

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