It's no secret that On The Wet Coast, we love our sex toys. Using those toys for strap-on sex is one of our favourite ways to engage with partners, or watch our partners engage with others. Though in some ways it is as simple as popping a dildo in a harness and getting to work, strap-on sex tends to be a bit more nuanced than we expect when starting out.

Finding the right equipment, the right harness and dildo combinations can be more challenging than we expect, especially since what is right for one partner or act isn't so right for another. And positioning yourself as the thruster as well as finding the right position for your receiver can be incredibly awkward, especially at first.

I'm Kat Stark, and on this Episode of On The Wet Coast, Flick Morrison and I are discussing Strapping It On. We've got lots of tips and suggestions to help you get up and thrusting and feeling like the sexual rock stars you are.

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