Accountability and Consent can feel like the least fun topics to discuss when it comes to sexy lifestyles but when we really focus on building these factors in a way that lets go of the definitions used by the justice system and focuses on the subjective experiences of the parties, our kink and sexytimes can be much more fun.

In an era of social media call-outs, it might feel risky to take part in activities where consent factors strongly, which means quality negotiations and being accountable to the consent rules of others (as well as our own) are more important than ever.

Today Kat Stark & Flick Morrison talk to Victor Salmon, an educator and host of Intimate Interactions Podcast who has created the VOICES framework for Best Practices of Consent. Victor will help guide us through some of the ways we can make our consent negotiations lead to “high quality” consent so our playtimes can be great for everyone involved.

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