Today Marilyn and I decided to take a big step in our lifestyle. We have just booked a trip to Desire for next February. Why is this a big step? Well, to date our swinging interactions have mainly been with people we've met a few times and then played with, or people we know through others and are therefore sort of “vouched for.” (which is really a post all in itself…) Though we fully intend to give on/off site parties and clubs a chance, we just haven't gotten around to it, which is really because we've never been that comfortable meeting people. So to now book a trip to a clothing optional and VERY swinger friendly resort….well, it's a bold move for us, and one I'm proud of.

Ever since we got into the lifestyle we've been hearing about these places, Disneyland for adults, Hedonism & Desire. Several of our friends have gone to these places, magical places with white sand beaches and hot tubs that you can fuck in. But, while being incredibly curious, I'm also pragmatic with money and a bit phobic when it comes to germs and…ahem…fluids. This is another reason we haven't frequented the clubs in our area. We saw American Swing, we heard about what happens, about the…fluids. Of course that was the 70s, and that was Plato's Retreat, and that was before AIDS, etc etc etc.  And I'm sure these places wouldn't stay in business too long if they weren't well maintained.

But we were sold on it by Sex Is Fun.  They went last year with a group and made a tremendously seductive pitch in their resulting podcasts/reviews.  After listening to their 2+ hour description of the shenanigans they all got into last year, I was itching to give this place a try.  Mostly because we've just been to Sandals (which was wonderful, but missing something….) and Desire sounded like exactly what we wanted, Sandals for Swingers.  The people there sounded reasonably respectful, the staff helpful, the resort…most importantly…clean.  We've also begun to notice our trend toward exhibitionism.  We like having sex where people can see us, and as excited we got about the IDEA of sex on the beach at Sandals, we never did it for fear of the repercussions.

So, next February, we'll be joining the Sex is Fun podcast crew, as well as the crew of SwapFu, a new swinging podcast in Desire.  Maybe we'll see some of you there!

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  • I’m so excited for this trip. We’re going to play some really fun games and we’re even setting up many events for couples that sign up with us to help them get exactly what they want from this trip.


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