So, there was a lot of clamoring via Facebook and Twitter when Ginger and the Professor decided to come and visit Marilyn and I, for a tell all expose of our debauchery. Many wanted a podcast recording of it. (But that would've been 5 hours long, BOOM!) Or at least for Ginger and I to deconstruct the proceedings in some way.

What I will tell you is that Ginger and Prof are two AMAZING people, and we consider ourselves very lucky to know them, and to have gotten to see them in person. And we're enlisting Kidder Kaper‘s game Unpredictable to give you a peek into our night last night. (Buy the game, it's awesome, available from Sex Is Fun)

sex is fun game unpredictable from great sex games

So, I'm not gonna say who did what to whom, just that these things all happened last night.

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