Erection Enhancing(or “On Not Taking a Pill”)

I've had issues in the past, as you know from my article on ED. And so, not so rarely I grabbed one of my super special happy pills from the bottom drawer before I was about to go into a situation with a lot of people and a lot of pressure…or a play situation I wasn't 100% confident in…or with a girl I wasn't convinced liked me (that old psycho paranoia chestnut I've ALMOST banished to the dark recesses.)

Something occurred to me, though, after an especially well performing night where I managed multiple times. Sans medication.

This led me to wonder, how much are these red pills crutches, and how much are they actually beneficial. I can tell you, at parties where I might be with multiple women, they're great to have around, because even as the night rolls on, I don't have to worry about what would happen if a beautiful woman said “fancy a tumble?”

But in the other situations, I started to drop the pill off my preparation routine where circumstances would've gotten me to take it in the past.

The pills arrived (to review no less…) when I was still very intimidated by the lifestyle, and they helped me break a massive feedback loop that drew on for over a month, almost taking my confidence completely out of the game.

With their help, that confidence came back, my excitement began to present itself on its own again, and the feedback loop was broken.

So I'm not saying for a MOMENT that you shouldn't use enhancements. They serve a valuable purpose, even if it's as simple as wanting to fuck six girls before breakfast. It functions in the same way as wine, or pot, or any other inhibition lowering accessory you use.

But as with other accessories, I've steadily dropped my need for those too as I begin to discover my internal confidence.

How touchy feely is that?

It's a tremendously good feeling to notice actual growth in your psyche, to see yourself moving forward and leaving more and more of the bullshit behind. Because that's where it belongs. In the back, brought out more sparingly than the damned gravy boat in our china cabinet. Um…anyway.

Now, all that said, you'd better believe the pills are coming to desire. No fucking question!

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  • Great article! Just wondering, you mention ‘red’ pills.. What is it you have used? Have any endorsement you can share?

    Thanks for your great writings!

    • I’ve tried Stiff Nights & Stiff 4 Hours, both worked quite well, but I believe both have gone extinct. Cockstar is a more recent one (blue) and they work for one night, so you’re not stuck with an instant erection all weekend, but unfortunately I believe they too have gone extinct.


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