Hey all, Cooper here,

Just got this bit of “hate mail” and wanted to share it with the group. You do know Hell is full of hottubs, right? It's from someone calling themselves “They Warned You” who reminds us that he is vanilla at the bottom of our contact form

Who is the father of lust? Satan – John 8:44
Who is going to remind God of all your sins when you die? Satan – Rev 12:10
“But the tares are the sons of Satan, the father of lust. Bind the tares and burn them. Cast them into the everlasting fire” – Jesus
“You shall not surely die” – Satan

My question is about #2, I didn't realize God & Satan had such a nice little dialog going on where he comes up and tells God about all your sins when you die. Fascinating.

Anyway, happy Monday everybody…go do some lusting!

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