Bisexual Fashion TipsMost adults have a particular style of clothing that they enjoy and can employ to a certain extent in their daily lives; at the job, running errands, during the commute, taking care of the kids. This may be a cut of a shirt that is slightly different, or a belt that has an interesting pattern, or perhaps some underthing that can be kept concealed and enjoyed throughout the day.

When it’s time to go out at night and meet others, this is when you can really turn up the volume on your style. And this is when a bisexual person can really shine.

Let’s start with the basics. For men, a button down shirt is always handsome. A suit? Others will think you are sophisticated, although perhaps unapproachable. A sweater or shirt with texture might make others want to touch your arm and shoulder. A stiff jacket will give off that tough vibe.

As for your bottom half, a classically cut pair of pants or jeans will always work. A skinny jean will show your hipster side and show off your assets more.

A short note about underwear: boxers, briefs and boxer-briefs are all good choices. So are thongs and bikini cuts. The material can be switched up to make for a more interesting wear experience. Commando is also allowed.

Shoes are incredibly important, you must know. A new sneaker in a dark color will show you’re ready to move. A sandal in warmer months will reflect your laid-back attitude. A dress shoe might show a formal approach to life. A short Beatle boot makes a style statement, as does a motorcycle boot.

Now, let’s move on to women’s clothes. A dress will always work. The length of the hem can really speak. The same goes for a skirt. Right above the knee is classic. Right under the ass cheeks is another style of classic. A boot cut pant is sophisticated. A tight jean or legging will show your shape to others.

Your top should pair nicely with your bottoms. A low-cut top that shows cleavage will get attention. A simple t-shirt is very approachable and familiar. Please notice how your shoulders are presented, they are very sexy.

Let’s spend a moment on your underthings. Please get bras and panties that fit nicely. Again, texture can be fun on your tender parts. Or, if you prefer, go without altogether.

And now for shoes! Fun. Heels, stilettos, boots, oh my! So many choices. Just go with what pairs nicely with your outfit. You can build an outfit around the shoes, actually. A cowboy boot is timeless. A small heel on any shoe is encouraged, as it makes the calf look shapely. A tall heel will make one’s posture such that the ass is presented nicely. Or, a shoe with no heel whatsoever is comfortable and easy to dance in.

And now let’s talk accessories. Many people love a simple chain around the neck. A nice watch, or a charm bracelet, or a leather cuff all will speak to those checking you out. A necktie or a scarf can add interest and texture.

I bet you’re wondering, “How is any of this bisexual?” Right. It’s not. Because bisexual folks dress like themselves. Just like everyone else. I do encourage you to go back and read the men's section as applied to women, and the women’s section as applied to men. Cross dressing is not necessary, of course. Although it can be fun. And you should not fear or dismiss a man in heels.

Your style is yours. You may mix it up however you like. I encourage you to experiment with clothes. Pair hard and soft together. Put a little of each gender on. A little androgyny can be fun. Who are you looking to impress? Yourself, most of all. Please try clothes that you find intriguing. You don’t need lots of money to do this. You do, however, need friends who won’t mind if you borrow an item or two. A good find at a vintage shop can be very interesting.

There are not too many bisexual style icons out there. David Bowie. Lady Gaga. The outfits don’t really translate to real life, though. I suggest that you just wear things that you like, and try something new as you go through life. It’s a process, just like everything else.

What I’m really trying to get at is your body image and confidence. Clothes can really help here. Flattering clothes, no matter what size the label says, will make you feel great. Feeling great will help others notice you. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. And this is true for every flavor of sexuality and every gender identity.

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