So explain to me how these people, standing outside this club, taking pictures of license plates so that, by the time the couples leave the club, they already know them by name, know where they live and where they work, explain to me how this privacy invasion in the name of GOD isn't fucking terrorism. ┬áThis is down in Amarillo, TX friends, where a militant group called “Repent Amarillo” (‘cuz apparently it's the whole place that needs savin') has decided to take down club “Route 66,” a swing club, by vehemently harassing its members.

I wonder what skeletons are in “Repent Amarillo'”s closet….and how difficult it would be to dig them out.



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  • Have you read the Facebook wall of the guy who runs this group?

    "God's View of Sex Offenders"

    "It may be helpful for us to further understand this by seeing the truly vile nature of sexual sin and compare it to man’s attitudes about sexual lawlessness. For example; society takes out-of-wedlock cohabitation as normal and acceptable. Society also regards prostitution as unlawful and unacceptable. In the eyes of God, a woman fornicating with a man outside of marriage is no different than a prostitute. A man fornicating with a woman outside of marriage is no different than a rapist. A homosexual is no different than a swinger and a swinger is no different than a child molester. They all receive the same judgment and the same punishment of eternity in hell. "

  • That is completely atrocious!!! I am baffled, all the time, as to why groups stick their noses into other people’s business when the behavior/event they protest doesn’t affect them in any way. This article is from May, I’m curious to see if there are any updates on whether or not they were successful in their endeavors to take down that club?

  • Looks like they are trespassing and the club owner should have them arrested.

  • This works on the same principle as religious terrorism. It is activity that is intended to intimidate people in to submitting to an extremist religious/political ideology. If the owner of this establishment also owns the parking area, then these individuals are trespassing on his property for the purpose of frightening his clients. If I lived in Amarillo, I believe I would try to put together a group of sympathetic people to increase scrutiny of this “ministry” in an effort to give them a taste of their own medicine. It is likely that they have something to hide. I say go after them with every legal means available. Often these people are hiding illegal activity behind the cloak of religiosity.


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