Hey guys!

I thought I'd share a link from a listener who was inspired by Episode 8 of Pedestrian Polyamory, our interview with Franklin Veaux, to write in with his thoughts on polyamory and rationality:


.. I came to choose to be nonmogamous (in my case somewhere between a swinger and poly) by way of rationity. I found the rational and poly online communities at about the same time after developing similar views on my own. On one of the biggest rationality sites, lesswrong.com, some of the contributors have even put forth polyamory as a rational ideal. They even some methods to brain-hack (a term used to mean to consciously change your pattern of thoughts overtime so that your motivations more closely match your beliefs/ideals)..

JK Barry

Thanks for writing in with the link, JK. I hope some of the listeners go and check it out. I like the idea of people coming to polyamory through the means of rationality.. it certainly says something about polyamory in general. (And it certainly explains all these Vulcans I've been dating recently.)


Shira B. Katz

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