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Life on the Swingset has, since its inception, been a labor of love for those who work on it. It was born when Dylan and I (Cooper) decided that we knew enough in our paltry year of swinging to speak intelligently on the topic. What fools we were. We were so young. Now, nearly five years later, we feel we know enough in our paltry six years of the lifestyle to speak intelligently on the topic. In that time we've brought in friends, partners, playmates, all with the same goal in mind, giving you the reader and listener a safe and welcoming outstretched hand and warm smile.

Unfortunately, while we all do not draw a salary from Swingset (or any money at all, in fact, just a few tiny perks) we do have many expenses as the site has grown, from equipment costs, to advertising, to hosting, to my domain hoarding problem, to convention expenses. If you like what we're doing, and want to support us, you can do so in a few ways below: buying condoms, shirts, or our app, or putting a few dollars in our tip jar. However you choose to support us, know that we love you, and we will continue to work our asses off to show you that you supported the right site!


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