Seriously, though, we do.

It takes a lot of hard work, and a not insubstantial amount of money to keep Life on the Swingset chugging along lo these (almost) five years. Your tip will be put to good use, we promise, and not used on vodka and gambling. That will be other money. We promise. Your contributions go to helping keep the site functioning, the podcast storage and hosting, our equipment, advertising, and convention work. Every dollar you send us will go to something that keeps us able to bring you new content.

If you ask us we'd be happy to tell you what we spent it on. Just don't be disappointed if we say half a month of Libsyn hosting. Or buying a heat map. (Not as exciting as it sounds. It's a overlay of where people click on our site. That said, if you're an analytics geek [like yours truly] it can be rather exciting!)

And if you'd like us to spend your donation on candy bars send us an email to tell us that too, cuz that'd frankly be awesome.

Now, as they say on NPR, I hate doing this, so I'll just say Thankya! We wouldn't be here without you.








Cooper Beckett

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