The swinger community has a lot of internal lingo to help let other swingers know what you're into easily. Today we're asking the question “What does Full Swap mean in swinging?”

First we're going to recommend that you read the companion question to this piece: “What does Soft Swap mean in swinging?” Because it just makes everything easier. We'll wait. Take your time.

Ok. So you know all the stuff now, know what swap is, know that you're now covered up to genital to genital penetrative sex with the lingo.

Well get ready. Because full swap is the stuff above that. When a penis goes into a vagina, we move into full swap territory. Occasionally this is also called Hard Swap, but not by us.

So is it just that soft swap is everything before that penetration and full swap is everything after? Close, but that doesn't entirely cover things.

There's a lot of discussion among the swinger community about the notion of full swap being somehow higher, or more advanced than soft. It is a bit more in the advanced class for a few reasons.

First full swap brings with it greater risks of STI transmission. These risks still exist with soft swap, but they're minimized by the type of interaction/penetration.

Second is penetrative sex, for many couples who were formerly monogamous, is a big deal, a game changer. How much of this feeling is our former life talking remains to be seen, but someone who is unphased watching their partner suck a cock may feel quite differently when watching that cock go inside her.

So a slightly elevated physical and emotional risk just makes it something to consider a bit more carefully before moving into it.

We disagree with those in the swing community who claim that full swap is the more enlightened, or simply better, version of swinging. Wanting to save certain things only for your partner isn't in any way lesser than wanting to share them.

Full swap is often accompanied by some modifiers. Same room/separate room is the most common and, as we're sure you can surmise, suggests whether or not the foursome is in the same room or separate rooms when the fucking is going down.

As with anything else, it's best not to assume that the swinger you're talking to on Kasidie is using the lingo the same way you are, and ask for clarification.

Communication never hurt anybody, after all.

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