I started “Life on the Swingset” as a primer to the lifestyle for those just starting their exploration, those who are simply considering the idea, and those already on board this crazy ride on the swingset.  We've assembled a wonderful collection of open minded and friendly people to contribute blogs, sex toy reviews, and podcasts, and to discuss a very unique Lifestyle with gusto and enthusiasm.

Swingers, polyamorists, triads, BDSM folk, other open people, there's something here for everybody who subscribes to the notion that sexual exploration and openness is healthy, friendly, and most importantly fun.

When many people decide to explore alternative lifestyles and open relationships, they blindly search online for information and inspiration, most of it coming from people against the topic, those who've been in it a long time and are very set in their ways, or those whose advice no one should ever take EVER.

We'll let you decide if we fall into any of those categories, or if we're the elusive fourth option, providing helpful advice for newbies and pros alike.

Remember, sharing is caring!

Much Love!


But enough about me, tell me about you!

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